We aren’t married yet. Should we attend?

Absolutely. Planning for a loving and committed future is one of the best things you can do
as a couple.

We’ve been married for years. Should we attend?

Yes. Couples from pre-marital to senior can benefit from the principles and exercises
covered in the class.

Will we share our personal problems with the class?

No. The class does not include sharing your problems or issues publicly. Couples exercises where these problems may be surfaced are conducted privately.

May I attend alone?

Both partners must participate, since the class involves working through exercises as a couple.

My partner isn’t a reader. Can I still come to the class—even if he or she doesn’t read the book?

Yes. While the book provides valuable information, the class will summarize the book’s content.

We’re reading the book in advance. Should we do the exercises at home or save them for class?

Ideally, you should save the exercises for class. In some cases, the directions have been updated, and in other cases, we will role-play how you should approach them. Some exercises are not covered in class, and you can plan to do those at home after the class.

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