Workshop Overview

Strengthen Your Relationship

Contemplating marriage? Newly engaged? Seeking to reignite your spark? Couples in committed relationships at any stage benefit from tools that create greater connection. Learn to:

• Deepen your knowledge of one another.
• Build friendship and trust.
• Recognize and respond to bids for emotional connection.
• Be open to influence.
• Understand and work through both solvable and difficult problems.
• Get through gridlocked conflict.
• Create a special “couple’s story.”
• Sustain your relationship gains.

Why Attend a Workshop?

Most of us need a little push to do our best work—and the work of a relationship is no exception. Couples who participate in a workshop can benefit from:

• Dedicated time together
• Structure, accountability, and motivation
• Deeper understanding of the principles in action
• The camaraderie of a group environment

In addition, attending a workshop can feel less threatening that entering therapy without a clearly articulated goal or desired outcome. In fact, many couples find that the neutral ground of a workshop helps them assess the positives in their relationships and identify areas for improvement—all from one six-hour session.

Who Should Attend?

Couples in committed romantic relationships who wish to enhance their connection will benefit from Connection Resources workshops. These include couples who are:

• Contemplating marriage
• Newly engaged
• Living together
• Committed to or married for many years, newlywed to senior
• Seeking healthier, improved conflict management skills

Connection Resources welcomes both heterosexual and same sex couples to its workshops.

Who Should Not Attend?

Seven Principles Workshops are not for every couple—they are not therapy and are not a substitute for therapy. Couples should not attend who are contending with:

• Severe relationship distress
• History of significant emotional or physical abuse
• Serious emotional or mental health problems
• Active addiction to drugs or alcohol
• Compulsive behavior, including gambling, sexual acting out, and other disruptive behaviors

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